Changemakers: The Future Is Female

Changemakers: The Future Is Female

changemaker /cheynj-mey-ker/noun

A person who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen.

This summer, we’ve been focusing on some incredible women changemakers around the globe. We’ve featured these women because of their dedication to sustainability, social change and empowering women in their communities.

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Luz Lituma & Adriana Garcia

Luz Litumaand Adriana Garcia are the founders of LatinXhikers, a community dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors through digital story-telling and community outreach. Together they are speaking truth about equality and justices in our outdoor communities and beyond, while convening LatinX communities on the trail across the country. Please give Luz, Adriana, and LatinXhikers a follow, check out their recent work and remember to put your own values first when you make a decision, big or small.⁠

PC, far left:@switchbackshawty via@latinxhikers

Seleen Saleh

Fashion photographerSeleen Saleh recently released Street Culture, a curated collection of her images showcasing creatives of color and their individuality. She believes that conscious consumerism will be one result of the pandemic: “More people will be conscious of the Earth, waste, and hopefully each other,” she recently told Bustle. Give her a follow, get to know her work, and get inspired to express your creativity. ⁠

PC, top right:@seleen.saleh

Céline Semaan

Celine Semaan, the founder ofThe Slow Factory, is dedicated to improving sustainability literacy in fashion is a true changemaker in our book. Their motto is “everything you make returns to the earth as food, or poison.” As a leader at The Slow Factory, Celine isbridging science and design for the betterment of the planet and her people. We recommend giving her and the@theslowfactory a follow for consistently impactful content.

PC, second to left:@celinecelines

Bárbara Hernández

Bárbara Hernández, a Chilean and world champion of swimming in icy waters, inspires us as the only Chilean representative in this discipline, known as “The Ice Mermaid.” ⁠On March 1st she successfully swam across the icy waters of the Beagle Channel, over nine kilometers from Punta Almanza– in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina–to the Puerto Williams ramp, in the Chilean Antarctica Province, in just under two hours. This made her the first person to complete this feat. ⁠

PC, far right:@thd.lateral