Uniting Natural & Performance Fabrics

Uniting Natural & Performance Fabrics

At Karukinka, we consciously design every piece of apparel to blend both natural fibers and performance fabrics.

With the environmental and performance benefits of natural fibers, from local animals such as alpaca, llama, and sheep, and the performance capabilities of high-quality recycled fabrics like Polartec® Power Stretch Pro, we can guarantee the best garments that last for years to come.

Our natural wools are sourced in Patagonia, where we gather the raw material and spin it into yarn in our factory in Porvenir. Our unique K-Yarn blend is made from alpaca, llama and merino sheep wool and hand-dyed with vegetable inks. Learn more about our K-Yarn here.

Alpaca and llama wools are hollow, moisture-wicking, better insulating from the cold and heat, hypoallergenic, and highly durable. And merino wool is extremely soft, lightweight, antimicrobial, and odor-resistant. This blend provides us with a strong, sustainable, and natural fabric for all of our apparel creations.

We’ve also partnered with Polartec® to source the highest quality, recycled synthetic fabrics for key parts of our clothing designs. The majority of sleeves of Karukinka garments are designed with Polartec® Power Stretch Pro on their exterior and Polartec® Power Grid on their interior lining — providing the utmost mobility with four-way stretch, fast evaporation of moisture and abrasion resistance.Made with 50% recycled P.E.T. plastic, Polartec® Power Stretch Pro and Polartec® Power Grid are lightweight,fast-drying, very easy to care for, and great to wear next to the skin. Their engineered design allows Polartec® to avoid using chemical wicking agents that fade away with time.

Combining the technical elements of recycled fabrics like Polartec with the sustainable and performance characteristics of natural wools, we’re able to make apparel that equally stands up to the elements as it stands the test of time.