Our Patagonia Bucket List

Our Patagonia Bucket List

You’ve heard us say it before, and we will say it again: Patagonia is our inspiration. The epic landscapes and heart-wrenching vistas, the hard-working people, the vibrant culture, and the history of the area are all woven into each handmade Karukinka garment.

We do business in Patagonia (in the city of Porvenir, in fact!) because it’s important to us to give back to the people and landscape that shaped our vision for this company. And we want to tell the inspiring stories of this unique territory. We want the world to know and love Patagonia as we do.

And we know we aren’t the only ones inspired by Patagonia’s rugged coastlines, iconic vistas, windswept plateaus, and jagged mountain ranges. So we thought we’d put together this guide of bucket list items that are absolute must-sees for anyone who dreams of one day seeing Patagonia for themselves.

Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine

You’ve probably seen photos of this national park on ourInstagram–it features one of the most iconic mountain ranges that come to mind when you think of the Patagonian landscape.Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine is one of the top destinations in Chilean Patagonia, and for good reason. The towering Torres del Paine mountains rise 2000m above the steppe, and when the harsh weather that is common in this region clears, there is nothing quite like the view. This park is also known for it’s developed infrastructure. It was established in 1959 and the land is still recovering from the century of exploitation that it saw prior when it was part of a large sheep estancia.

Parque Nacional Bernardo O'Higgins

If you want to get off the beaten path to a more remote national park, the Bernardo O'Higgins National Park is so remote it can only be accessed by boat. It features a unique cache of glaciers slowly and steadily melting. It’s a natural wonder that may not be around much longer.

Monumento Natural Los Pingüinos

Located on Isla Magdelena and Isla Marta is a booming colony of Magellanic penguins particularly appealing to those who have never seen this animal in the wild before. TheMonumento Natural Los Pingüinos was founded to protect the penguins mostly from the threat of fishing when their main food source was targeted by the growing fishing industry in 1966. Visitors can book a ferry ride to the islands and then spend about an hour walking around on land. Though the islands are currently uninhabited by people, they were once the land of the Selknam, the Yaghan, and the Kawesqar, three cultures indigenous to Patagonia.

Parque National Los Glaciares and the infamous Fitz Roy mountain range

If trekking through the rugged wilderness that has inspired world-famous mountaineers for the better part of the last century sounds like a dream come true, the Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, needs to be on your bucket list. Although this range is technically in Argentinian Chile, it’s a must-see for an outdoor adventurer traveling through Patagonia.

Photo by Samuel Chenard on Unsplash