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Sizing Chart

El cárdigan Pawus se puede usar perfectamente en el día a día o post oficina. Nuestro cárdigan está hecho de una mezcla de lana merino e hilado de alpaca baby, lo que entrega un tejido altamente respirable que combate los olores y retiene el calor.

Pawus está hecho a mano en la Patagonia por nuestro equipo, desde la esquila hasta la confección.


  • 60% lana merino, 35% alpaca baby y 5% poliéster para mayor flexibilidad
  • Cuello y mangas acanaladas
  • Frontal abotonado
  • Regular Fit

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    Peso promedio: 690 Gr (24.3 Oz)

    Mangas y cuerpo: 60% lana merino, 35% baby alpaca, 5% poliéster

    Fuente: Hecho en Chile

    Garantía: Garantía de por vida

    Instrucciones de cuidado: Lavar a máquina

    Shipping Time

    Please notice that we are a slow fashion brand, doing a constant effort to reverse the damage the clothing industry has made to our planet. In that order, we keep minimum stocks possible of finished goods to lower our carbon footprint, prevent waste generation and minimize unnecessary use of materials used to produce unsold garments– even though we manage security stocks of inputs to fulfill our average rhythm of orders.

    Also, we believe in selling better-quality garments that will last for longer, something we achieve thanks to the skills of the craftspeople who make them. Most of the time including personal customizations as requested from our clients, because we try to dress individuals and not masses.

    That is why shipping times may vary a lot, between 5 and 30 days, depending on our production schedules based on the quantity of orders we receive. We appreciate a lot your support, comprehension and adherence on this matter, as we promise to do our best to deliver the fastest we can!